The Susquehanna River Rail-Trail would begin near the front of the old Central Hotel on Oak Hill Road.

These two photos show the hotel as it looked around the last turn of the century, and how it looks today at the next turn of the century.

The water tanks at the upper left are the same tanks you can see at the left edge of the first photo on the album page. The building on the left with the big tank in back appears to have been a hardware store. The station can be seen just to the right of of it. The two story building to the right is the Central Hotel, which is still in operation today. At one time Nineveh Jct. had a creamery, post office, and the rail yard even had a turntable.

The next photo was taken from nearly the same spot as the first, but about 100 years later. The Central Hotel is the only building still standing, and it looks almost the same today. The trees are blocking the view of the bridge, but it appears to have changed little. Only a single track passes over it today.

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